The Gazing Eyes Won’t Lie @ Massimo De Carlo Gallery

Exhibition: The Gazing Eyes Won’t Lie

Space: Massimo De Carlo Gallery Hong Kong

Artist: Lee Kit

Exhibition period: 14 May - 4 July 2020

Massimo De Carlo is to present The gazing eyes won’t lie, Lee Kit’s solo exhibition simultaneously in the gallery space in Hong Kong and on the new Massimo De Carlo Virtual Space, this exhibition is an experimentation both on the concept of an exhibition itself and exhibition making during difficult lockdown period when the globe is put on hold.

This exhibition explores the breadth and complexity of discrete moments, combined with an intriguing exposition of both personal and collective emotions. Lee Kit creates meditative installations—or as the artist refers to them, 'situations', through fusing together intangible elements, such as light, sound, painting, moving image, and readymade objects. The gazing eyes won’t lie comprises of a series of miniature paintings and disparate projections to create a multifaceted visual response to discrete and personal moments of extremity.

Images and video courtesy of the gallery

[Extracted from press release]

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MON/SAT: 10.30AM - 7.00PM

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