Siah Armajani :1957 - 1976 @Rossi & Rossi Hong Kong

Exhibition: Siah Armajani :1957 - 1976 Space: Rossi & Rossi Hong Kong Artist: Siah Armajani Exhibition Period: 11 April - 30 May Rossi & Rossi is to present a survey of Siah Armajani's works from 1957 to 1976. Armajani's sculptures, drawings and public works exist between the boundaries of art and architecture, informed by democratic and populist ideals. Starting From the 1950s, Armajani created a series of Persian-miniature inspired works on paper and canvas. These are his early probe into the social, political and cultural psyche of his home city of Tehran during the tumultuous years that eventually led to the exile of the Shah. After moving to the US in 1960, the artist started exploring the frontiers of technological advancement and machine-age modernity. This is manifest in his works from this period utilizing computer programming and dot-matrix printouts. Meanwhile, American vernacular architecture has been a consistent motif in Amajani's practice. In the artist's words, "My intention is to build open, available, useful, common, public gathering places - gathering places that are neighbourly". Such concern takes form in his public artworks and architectural models of bridges, houses, gazebos and reading room. [Extract from Press Release] For more information

3C Yally Industrial Building,

6 Yip Fat Street, Wong Chuk Hang

+852 3575 9417


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