Shunga 春畫 @Whitestone Gallery Hong Kong

Exhibition: Shunga 春畫

Space: Whitestone Gallery Hong Kong

Artist: Mizuki Nishiyama 西山瑞貴

Exhibition Period: 2 - 4 July

MW Michael Wong is to present SHUNGA, Mizuki Nishiyama’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong at Whitestone Gallery.

The title of the exhibition Shunga directly refers to its Japanese heritage: a traditional form sf erotic art on ink paintings or woodblock prints produced mainly in the Edo era (1600-1868). This form of art destigmatize sex and celebrate intimacy as beautiful and natural. Nishiyama as a mixed Japanese descent, bridges her Japanese heritage with nuanced concept such as modern orientalist to desexualize lust, she approaches this series of works with themes of hope, evolution and life.

In Nishiyama’s work in Shunga, the work explore, liberates and brings light to the vulnerable aspects of our beings

“This series is a mirror. I want the audience to take a good look at themselves. Living with dignity and pride is a deserved right. It is our civil responsibility to make righteous decision. I am showing the transformative impact [Operation Smile] offers.” - Mizuki Nishiyama

[Extract from press release]

Images and video courtesy of Whitestone Gallery

For more information:

7-8/F, H Queen’s

80 Queen’s Road Central

Hong Kong

Tues - Sat 11:00 - 19:00

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