Gimme Shelter @ Pékin Fine Arts Gallery

Exhibition: Gimme Shelter Space: Pékin Fine Arts Gallery Hong Kong Artists: Group Exhibition Period: 15 Feb - 2 May 2020 “Gimme Shelter” explained: As a gallery, we aim to provide “shelter” for artists: Now, more than ever, gallerists’ first duty is to artists, by collaborating closely, and providing a platform for artwork display. “Display” in the broadest sense, well beyond a showroom for art object consumption, as a place of free and public idea exchange. A gallery can go further than merely providing an artwork exhibition platform. A gallery can be an incubator of ideas; a place to nurture and to protect artists’ visions, experiments, and pursuits. In short, the gallery can be an open space, where artists are invited to voice their most compelling creative expressions. Participating artists: Ai An 艾安、Chen Shaoxiong 陳劭雄 and Liu Ding 劉鼎、Gordon Cheung 張逸斌、Daphné Mandel 曼樂婷、Nashunbatu 那順巴圖、Wang Qingsong 王慶松、Tomoko Yoneda 米田知子 [Extract from website] Images and video courtesy of Pékin Fine Arts

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Pékin Fine Arts (Hong Kong) Union Industrial Building, 48 Wong Chuk Hang Road 16 /F Aberdeen, Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2177 6190

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