Fragments of Form @ Massimo De Carlo Hong Kong

Exhibition: Fragments of Form Space: Massimo De Carlo Hong Kong Artists: Carla Accardi, Yeesookyung Exhibition Period: 31 Oct 2019 - 4 Jan 2020 Massimo De Carlo HK is to present Fragments of Form, two solo presentations by Italian artist Carla Accardi and Korean artist Yeesookyung. The exhibition consist of 8 pieces artwork by Accardi and 5 pieces of artwork by Yeesookyung. The pairing of work of the two artists emphasizes the fragility of the human psyche and explore the possibilities within concepts of form. Through Accardi's collection of works of calligraphic abstraction from 1964-2012, the artist constructed a language that could reconcile opposing positions, going beyond figuration but also breaking free from the rigors of geometry. Yeesookyung, on the other hand, embeds the collective identity of Korean history and culture in each crevice of every porcelain fragments, re-interpreting the final piece for her audience. Through her sculptures, the artist questions the hierarchy between the original and the translation, the original and the fake as well as success and failure. What to look out for: The spatial arrangement of the artworks from the 2 artists, the dynamic between seeing each solo presentation and seeing the both as a whole. For more information:

Mon-Sat: 10:30am-7pm

301-302 Pedder Building

12 Pedder Street, Central

+852 2613 8062

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