Connections @ Over the Influence

Exhibition: Connections

Space: Over the Influence (G/F)

Artists: Liu Bolin, Taku Obata, Daisuke Tejima, Vhils (Alexandre Farto)

Exhibition Period: 29 May - 2 July 2020

Over the Influence Hong Kong is to present Connections, a group exhibition which explore the contemporary issue with a focus on urbanization and the human condition, each artist approaches the connection between humans and the urban environment through varying practices.

Liu Bolin discusses global social concerns through his artistic practices, most prominently through his ‘camouflage’ installations. The artist dissect the tense relationship between the individual and society by ‘disappearing’ into environments which are sites of contention and criticism.

Taku Obata is known fro his life-sized sculptures of geometric subjects that glean inspiration from hip-hop and breakdance cultures. This exhibition showcases his new work on paper which captures the human body during dancing movement in the space in connection with urban culture and cityscapes.

Daisuke Tajima builds an imaginary world of endless cityscapes, urban structures and machinery, creating a sense of isolation yet restlessness and excitement feeling within the city.

Vhils’s work explores themes such as struggle between the aspiration of the individual and the demands of everyday life, or the erosion of cultural uniqueness in the face of globalization and its imposing uniformed reality.

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Images and Video courtesy of OTI Hong Kong

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