Chop Suey @ Gallery HZ

Exhibition: Chop Suey

Space: Gallery HZ

Artist: Ghost Mountain Field 鬼山田

Exhibition Period: 28 May - 11 July 2020

Gallery HZ is to present Chop Suey by Ghost Mountain Field 鬼山田, featuring both the studio works and mural.

The exhibition title "Chop Suey" is widely recognised as a typical Westernized Chinese dish made of stir-fried meat, vegetable and egg, it is a classic example of cultural hybridisation, this title is a reference made to the hybridised culture of Hong Kong that has profoundly influenced the artist as well as a reflection of his exploration on the idea of cultural identity through his art. GMF extensive use of secondary and tertiary colours, refined strokes, and juxtaposition of historical heritage with contemporary life add a playful and distinctive touch to his artistic exploration in culture and identity.

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222 Hollywood Road, Hong Kong Monday to Saturday - 11am to 7pm

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