Castles In The Air @ Karin Weber Gallery

Exhibition : Castles In The Air

Space : Karin Weber Gallery

Artists : Dr. Bryan Chung, Chlhol, Enoch Cheng, Sllas Fong, Stacey Chan

Exhibition Period : 3.4 - 30.5

Karin Weber Gallery is proud to announce our second exhibition of 2020; ‘Castles In The Air’ presents five Hong Kong artists’ personal visions for the future across a wide range of mediums and explores the role of art in creating positivity that can change society. Can art change the way one thinks or feels about personal and social challenges? Can it uplift society by creating small changes that aggregate into a movement? ‘Castles In The Air’ captures the artists’ individual responses to a challenging home environment in a show that touches on themes of human resilience, sacrifice for a common goal, growth and the ability to emerge stronger and hopeful from an environment of adversity.

Five Hong Kong artists, five different creative minds and imaginations. Whilst some of their work openly and actively engages with the subject of Hong Kong and a brighter future for their home town, other pieces constitute pure flights of their imagination — a hint, perhaps, to all of us to embrace our own imagination to recapture a positive perspective on current events.

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Photo and Video courtesy of Karin Weber Gallery

For more information:

11am-7pm, Tuesday-Saturday G/F, 20 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong (852) 2544 5004

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