Beyond Ink @ Cheer Bell Gallery

Exhibition: Beyond Ink Space: Cheer Bell Gallery Artists: Li Hou, Chan Shing Kau 李厚、陳成球 Exhibition Period: 30 March - 9 May 2020 Cheer Bell Gallery is to present an exhibition displaying works from contemporary Chinese ink artists Li Hou & Chan Shing Kau, both artists explores the boundaries of the ideals in figurative art imposed by traditional Chinese ink advocates. In "Beyond Ink" Li Hou bring forwards his abstract language of ink art, with painting composed of stratified points and lines to accumulate layers of ink on paper, complementing each other to uncover an energetic lively rhythm of life. Chan Shing Kau on the other hand, seeks to push the envelope of the medium by utilizing the ink flowing nature and incorporating creatively in his artworks the Chinese calligraphy theories and rhythm of lines, the artist's original "rubbing and wrinkling" technique creates artworks that build up a majestically solid ambiance. [Extract from website] Images and video courtesy of Cheer Bell Gallery For more information

Unit 1602, Global Trade Square,

21 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong (852) 2341 8899 / (852) 9725 8019

Tuesday to Saturday 11:00 am – 7:00 pm Sunday by appointment only

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